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We actually have no idea why this book was banned. Cat Ellis is a best-selling preparedness author and an expert on the topic of pandemics. Her other books are regularly high-ranking on Amazon’s best seller list in their respective categories. So when this virus rolled around, she began to research the specifics of it in the hopes of creating a guide that would help people stay safe and healthy despite the outbreak. The book was in Amazon’s top 500 sellers for the entire time it was for sale on the site and had 21 five-star reviews from satisfied readers.

In this book, you’ll learn what we know about the coronavirus named nCoV-2019 or Covid-19. Cat provides an overview of government responses during past pandemics, advice on preparing for quarantines, and a look at how society reacts when fear and panic set in. She discusses how far the medical system in the United States can stretch before it collapses completely. In the book, you’ll find checklists, detailed instructions on setting up an isolation area, and the “rules” of self-quarantine. She also provides suggestions for supportive herbal care in the event that medical care is no longer available.

As a BONUS Cat has written a new chapter to update readers on what we’ve learned since the original book came out.

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Find out the secrets Amazon doesn't want you to know...

Get your PDF copy of this essential guide today. Don’t be fooled by the knock-offs Amazon IS allowing to be sold. (Seriously – someone copied part of this book, the title, and the cover and they refuse to take it down!) 

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About Author

Cat Ellis

Cat Ellis is an herbalist, preparedness author and internet radio host. Cat, a die-hard New Englander, writes and teaches about her passions, including herbal medicine, sustainable living, and preparedness skills. 

Cat is the author of two books, Prepper’s Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic.

"My love of herbs began in my teens when I was fascinated with making perfumes, incense, drawer sachets, other lovely aromatic things. But after herbs helped me recover from a serious respiratory infection in the late 1990’s, my focus shifted decidedly towards herbal medicine."

Cat Ellis

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