What if you couldn't go to the grocery store for a month?

You can eat from your pantry for an entire month with a menu so delicious your family won’t even know it’s shelf-stable food!

About the Book

There are all sorts of reasons you might not be able to get to the store for a month.

Maybe you have an unexpected expense that means a weekly trip to the store is out of the question. Maybe there’s a problem with the local transportation and deliveries aren’t making it to your area. Maybe your car broke down and there’s nothing within walking distance.

Whatever the reason, eating from your stockpile does not have to be boring and unpleasant. If it’s nonstop beans and rice, you’re doing something wrong.

Special Diets

It's easy to make substitutions in these recipes for those on special diets or those who are a little bit picky.

Delicious Meals

Loaded with recipes for tasty comfort food so delicious your family will ask for seconds.

Savor a month’s worth of dinner recipes with ingredients straight from your pantry with family favorites like Mexican Pizza, Chicken Alfredo, and Baked Bean Chili! 

Shelf Stable Ingredients

All the recipes are made from non-perishable ingredients so you get prepared ahead of time.

Shopping List

The book comes with a shopping list so you can stockpile the ingredients in the recipes.

Learn to cook delicious meals using ONLY shelf-stable foods

The Stockpile Cafe

Delicious Shelf Stable Recipes to Feed Your Family for a Month 

Daisy Luther

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Daisy is the best-selling author of 4 books and runs a small digital publishing company that focuses on preparedness and survival.  She lives in the mountains of Virginia with her family. 

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