40 DIYs for Preppers

We’d all love to have a bunker filled with top-of-the-line survival gear and supplies, but quite often, the setup of our dreams is out of reach financially. Prepping has become an industry, filled with expensive items you’re told you “must have” to survive.

But often, you can DIY many of the things that will make your life easier in the event of an emergency. While they might not be as fancy looking as the storebought items, the ability to make your own gear can be even better.


Because that means if you were to lose the doohickey you made, you could create another doohickey. DIY is not just an activity – it’s a state of mind. And once you have that state of mind, you have become far more resilient than the store-bought prepper. You’ve learned a valuable skill, you’ve learned to work with what you have, and you’ve adapted to your circumstances.

The DIY state of mind can’t be bought – it has to be created – and like any muscle, exercised regularly.

And isn’t that what preparedness and survival are all about?

None of these projects requires a lengthy list of expensive components or a degree in chemistry or engineering. They’re just simply ways to do it yourself instead of buying things already made for you. In this anthology, please enjoy the most popular DIYs from The Organic Prepper Website. But don’t stop there! Let the DIY mindset inspire you to greater heights and see what you can make next!

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