“Let’s Survive the Apocalypse Together” Greeting Cards


How many times have you found yourself standing before the greeting card display at your local grocery store once more? As you sift through the options available to you, it’s almost tangibly painful to find something that seems at least somewhat relevant to your relationship with your significant other.

It seems as if everything available there in front of you on the rack is either mushy-gushy stuff or filled with language that would make your momma smack you into next week. You know that neither of that stuff would fly in your house, and so, you need something else.

If instead of connecting over Romeo and Juliet-esque love poems, you instead connect with your girlfriend over zombie movies, the game Pandemic, and discussing the latest article up at The Organic Prepper, we may have a type of “love card” that you would actually be interested in.

Introducing our Let’s Survive Apocalypse Together greeting cards.

This is a pack of ten different greeting cards for you to give to your significant other. Featuring a preparedness-related cartoon on the front and a blank interior, these are cards for any occasion.

If you don’t like the idea of frantically running to the card store once more the day before Valentine’s, Christmas, Easter, your anniversary, birthdays, etc., this is something of a one-and-done option for you. Buy the pack of ten cards, and you’re easily good for a year on cards for your beloved.

With free shipping, these cards might just save you a little bit of money over what the card store is charging as well, and all without supporting a woke corporation that is just going to use your money to further undermine your country.

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping. Shipping of this product is only available in the continental US.

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