Be Better Prepared in 28 Days

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By Daisy Luther

This guide can help you get prepared with one simple task per day. At the end of just ONE MONTH, you’ll be ready for common emergencies like power outages, financial problems, evacuations, and natural disasters. After a recent monthly preparedness challenge, lots of readers asked if they could get the information in a printable format. Your wish is our command! Here it is, with some added information and bonus ideas for small ways to get prepped.

If You’re Looking for a Place to Start, This Is It

Prepping can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out or if you’re on a tight budget. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. In just one month of thought exercises, organization, and a few very small purchases, you can be ready for all sorts of short-term emergencies.

  • Simple (and FREE) ways to build your water storage
  • How to determine your most likely disasters
  • What to eat (and how to cook it) when the power is out
  • Sanitation when the toilet won’t flush
  • Organizing what you already own to be better prepared
  • How to prep for an evacuation
  • Information that preppers must keep close at hand
  • How to find local edibles
  • How to test your food stockpile
  • The best emergency lighting sources for you

Get your copy of Be Better Prepared in 28 Days

This guide offers a simple way to get prepared without getting overwhelmed. And if you’re an experienced prepper, it’s a great way to test your preps – you may find that you need to get better organized or that you’re missing something crucial!

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1 review for Be Better Prepared in 28 Days

  1. Vlad (verified owner)

    Before my retirement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police I was tasked with the policies. procedures, and training of our members in emergency planning in British Columbia. Daisy Luther’s text , “Be Better Prepared In 28 Days” is a master stroke. If it was available during my tenure I would have used it to train the public and our members in emergency protocol. It is the “go to book” for introducing the concept of “prepping” to the uninitiated in a timely, comprehensive manner.

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