Beyond the Prepper Stockpile: Adventure, Adaptability, and Survival in the Modern World

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by Daisy Luther

94 pages

Grab this article that turned into a book. When Daisy got back to the US from living in Mexico for a year and Europe before that, she began writing an article called “21 Survival Lessons I Learned While Traveling Around the World.” But then, she couldn’t stop writing. Each lesson was nearing a thousand words and she thought, hey, this is a whole book, not an article.

So, Beyond the Prepper Stockpile:  Adventure, Adaptability, and Survival in the Modern World was born.

It’s NOT a travel book.

Although from that introduction you may think, “I never travel, I don’t need to read this book.”

But it’s actually not about travel. They are lessons learned while traveling but they apply to anyone, anywhere, on any given day.

This is different from most of Daisy’s books. It’s not a how-to book. It’s a whole bunch of stories, told with a wry sense of humor, followed by the lessons that could be taken away from the experiences, as well as how it relates to survival anywhere.

The book is a 94 page PDF. Check out this fun and informative read.

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1 review for Beyond the Prepper Stockpile: Adventure, Adaptability, and Survival in the Modern World

  1. peter dejong (verified owner)

    Been on this site for years, reading almost everything and never posting. The interesting collective team is an well oiled machine. And many times i can relate to many stories corresponding with my life minus total shift. Daisy congrats on your new book and on the work you do with the team.
    You are a real trooper, best foot forward in every wrong direction and charging on to the end. Like the story of my life and never surrendering.
    Best book ive read for a long time. If this book does’nt become a best seller it means people would rather suck up fiction than read the God fearing truth.
    Many Thanks Daisy. Bless you and yours. 10/10.

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