BOGO! Bloom and Build!

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B.O.G.O. Bloom and Build!

Get two amazing online courses for the price of ONE!


With Daisy’s interactive course, Bloom Where You’re Planted, you can be better prepped tomorrow than you are today, regardless of your budget! This course will help you create a plan that will work for you, regardless of your personal circumstances. Each of the 12 lessons contain a video, written content, and interactive worksheets that you can use on your device or print out to use the old-fashioned way.

Here are the lessons included:

  • A Most-Likely Disasters Plan
  • A Networking Plan
  • A Special Needs Plan
  • A Water Plan
  • A Food Plan
  • A Storage Plan
  • A Power Outage Plan
  • A Cold-Weather Plan
  • A Hot-Weather Plan
  • A Hunker-Down Plan
  • A Bug-Out Plan
  • A Self-Reliance Plan


Do you ever look at people with their enviable stockpiles that take up entire rooms of the house? Canister after canister of brightly labeled emergency food, gleaming in neat rows. Beneath those are dozens of buckets that also contain food. They’re spotless and organized…


But, it doesn’t have to be…

Daisy’s Build a Better Pantry on a Budget course reveals the secret to building stockpiles: It can be done without spending anything beyond your normal grocery bill! Building a pantry that will see you through personal financial problems, power outages, and the zombie apocalypse can be complicated.

However, this 21-Lesson course can help ANYONE get prepped no matter what their budget is like.

For a Limited Time, Get BOTH of these super valuable courses for ONE LOW PRICE!

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