The Daisy Bundle


The Daisy Bundle

Do you like books by Daisy Luther? Get 10 of them on a variety of topics for one low price in this thrifty bundle.

This Bundle Includes:

Beyond the Prepper’s Stockpile: This book is different from most of Daisy’s books. It’s not a how-to book. It’s a whole bunch of stories, told with a wry sense of humor, followed by the lessons that could be taken away from the experiences, as well as how it relates to survival anywhere.

Be Better Prepared in 28 Days: This guide can help you get prepared with one simple task per day. At the end of just ONE MONTH, you’ll be ready for common emergencies like power outages, financial problems, evacuations, and natural disasters.

The Bug Out Book: Are you prepared to evacuate quickly if the need arises? This guide will help you make a plan before a disaster occurs, take action before everyone else panics, and then clean up and start over once the event is over.

The Stockpile Café: What would you do if you had to eat from your pantry for a month with no fresh ingredients? You’d grab your handy copy of The Stockpile Café! It’s got menus for 7 dinners per week, along with serving suggestions and a shopping list. There are some ideas for thrifty stockpile breakfasts and lunches, too.

The Flat Broke Cookbook: The Flat Broke Cookbook is about shopping for food with limited funds and still feeding your family tasty and nutritious meals. It assumes you have a bit of money to spend, but not a lot. A lack of money doesn’t mean you don’t still need to eat. Make your cheap meals tasty with this book.

The Seasonal Kitchen Companion: During the time of peas and asparagus, all the way through until pumpkins are piled on your front porch, you can munch your way through all the good things coming to harvest. And not only that – you put some of it back for winter, too. Through freezing, dehydrating, and canning, you can get your fruits and veggies all year round from the summer farmer’s market.

Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas: Opt out of the holiday insanity. Make simplicity your new mode of celebration. This little book written by a mom and her teenage daughter has more than a hundred tips for budgeting, decorating, family traditions, gift-giving, and charity, as well as recipes for delicious, festive, yet budget-friendly food.

The Prepper’s Hurricane Survival Guide: There’s nothing like the wrath of Mother Nature to wake a few more people up to the need to be prepared. This book has a hundred pages of information about preparing for a hurricane. Not only is it loaded with solid preparedness advice, but it’s also peppered with personal stories from preppers who have been surviving hurricanes for decades

Lifestyles of the Flat Broke and Resilient: Are you one of the millions of Americans who are currently facing eviction, foreclosure, repossessions, and hunger due to recent economic events? Forget the advice from ‘experts” who have never faced true poverty. Daisy share’s her story along with some honest advice about surviving your situation from someone who has been there.

Three Miles: Get Daisy’s first work of survival fiction. They’re just 3 miles from safety when civil unrest erupts during a dream vacation. They’re about to find out how far that really is and who they can trust.

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