Selco’s 3-Webinar Bundle

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Get all three of Selco’s focused webinars (along with supplemental information) in one handy bundle. Here’s what you’ll get.

History Lessons From Selco: The Anatomy of a Slow-Burning SHTF

What really happened to bring about Balkanization in the former Yugoslavia? A survivor of the Balkan war that erupted talks about what came before the war…and how that bears a strong resemblance to things going on today. You have to understand what precipitated it to truly comprehend the path we’re heading down and Selco outlines it in brutal detail in this on-demand webinar. As well, he shares some unpopular advice to survive the days ahead. Your purchase includes the complete written transcript that you can download and print out.

Selco: Survival Communities

Survival communities are the #1 topic people ask about when they talk to Selco.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this on-demand webinar with Selco Begovic, Toby Cowern, and Daisy Luther:

  • Should you go lone wolf or be part of a community?
  • How do you find like-minded people?
  • How do you decide who to accept into your community?
  • What essential skills should your group have?
  • What do YOU have to offer to a community?
  • How do you standardize equipment?
  • Myths vs. Facts

This purchase includes the recorded webinar, the transcript, and a PDF download of assignments to help you become better prepared to be part of a community.

Selco: Civil Unrest & Riots

In a world where riots and unrest are ever more common, it’s more important than ever to know what to do. In this on-demand webinar, Selco Begovic talks with Toby Cowern and Daisy Luther about how to survive if you find yourself under the threat of chaos.

  • What to do before the protests occur
  • How a protest can turn into a riot
  • How to know when you should leave
  • What to do if you’re away from home
  • What to do if a mob surrounds your car
  • How to survive if you’re on foot
  • How to protect your home and family

This purchase includes the recorded webinar, the transcript, a handy checklist for preparations, and a PDF download of “How to Survive Civil Unrest,” a chapter from Daisy’s book, Be Ready for Anything.

Get them all for one low price.

Get ready to binge-watch some Selco with this bundle and immerse yourself in his hard-earned knowledge.

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