Survival Secrets of a Counterintelligence Agent

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Survival Secrets of a Counterintelligence Agent

More Skills. Less Stuff.

Learn to Survive a Different Way

(Foreword by Daisy Luther)

Years ago, when I was just a baby blogger, I met Sean MacTira, a former U.S. intelligence agent and combat veteran who started the website Graywolf Survival to share what he knows from his experiences as an intelligence agent. He was extremely influential and generous in helping my website grow to what it is today. But more than that, he became a close friend.

He helped me learn a lot of the things that are in this book. These things came in very handy both at home and when I was traveling around the world. I learned from Sean how to elicit information, how to come up with makeshift solutions to problems I encountered in unfamiliar places, and how to think about survival in a completely different way than I had before.

It is this different approach to survival we bring to you with this anthology with some of Sean’s most informative articles. In the difficult times ahead, your mind just might be your greatest tool. He also explains how to choose the very best gear for your situation and budget, and tells us what he carries in his pockets every day.

This PDF book benefits a disabled veteran who gave many years of service to our country and generously shares what he knows, to benefit you with his knowledge. The price starts at $5.49.

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