The Dirty Truth About How to Start Homesteading

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By Erica Nygaard

If 2020 taught us any lessons, it was that our supply chain is incredibly vulnerable and our grocery stores’ just-in-time merchandising strategy would not hold up in an emergency. We watched food be rationed (only 2 per customer), people searching high and low for toilet paper, and more and more bare spots on store shelves.

If you aren’t producing at least some of your own supplies, it’s time to get started. Nobody expects you to completely live off the land, but imagine you are in a situation where your entire family is allotted a certain quantity of one item and that’s it. The things you produce yourself can elevate that item into a full, nutritious meal

In this book, Erica provides us with easy-to-implement advice that anyone can use to get started with a small homestead of their own. No matter who you are or where you live, you’ll find many actionable ideas on producing food.  She’s also honest about the downsidea of homesteading – it’s not all country sunsets and happy hens.

You’ll love Erica’s down-to-earth, common-sense writing style. She breaks things down into manageable steps so that you don’t find yourself overwhelmed.

The first meal you serve that came from your own little homestead will be the best food you ever tasted.

81 pages

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