The Most Important Prepping Advice of All Time

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A Life-Saving Anthology of the Top 100 Survival and Preparedness Articles from the Organic Prepper Website

729 pages

This is a compilation of the most popularly viewed preparedness and survival articles in the past ten years on The Organic Prepper website. People in the comments have mentioned how they referred back to these articles time and time again, and they must have found them valuable to do so.

In a world that is more censored all the time, we decided to compile these articles into a format that you can download and keep on a USB or on your device. Who knows how long we’ll be “allowed” to continue publishing? Hopefully, for a very long time!

But if not, this content will be yours, forever, to use as needed.

The top 100 prepping and survival articles of all time on The OP are contained within. You may find this a refresher, or you might stumble across things you’ve never seen before. Whatever the case, it’s bound to add great value to your personal knowledge archive.

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