The Pantry Bundle PLUS

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By Daisy Luther

Are you ready to get prepped but not sure where to start? Are you trying to prep but your budget is tight? These resources can help you build a stockpile using only your regular grocery money. Now is the time, especially as supply chain shortages are becoming more and more obvious to even the non-preppers among us.

This bundle can help you get stocked up, focus on creating your own supply chain, and as a bonus, get prepped for a water emergency as well! Get a $119 value for only $59!

You’ll get a 12-week interactive course, 3 full-length PDF cookbooks, and a water-preparedness webinar not available for sale anywhere else.

The Pantry Bundle Plus Includes: 


Build a Better Pantry on a Budget – This 12 week, interactive course will help you build a healthy, balanced food pantry using your current grocery budget to fund it! PLUS: New bonus lesson “Prepping and Supply Chain Shortages”


  • The Stockpile Café – Learn to make delicious meals with shelf-stable foods!
  • The Seasonal Kitchen Companion – Cook and preserve 20 different foods while they’re fresh and local!
  • The Flat-Broke Cookbook  Make tasty meals your family will love on a rock bottom budget!

AND, for a Limited Time Only: 

EXCLUSIVE 40-minute webinar: Your 4-Layer Water Preparedness Plan

BONUS: Stocking Up During Supply Chain Challenges





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