The Pantry Bundle PLUS


By Daisy Luther

Are you ready to get prepped but not sure where to start? Are you trying to prep but your budget is tight? These resources can help you build a stockpile using only your regular grocery money. Now is the time, especially as supply chain shortages are becoming more and more obvious to even the non-preppers among us.

This bundle can help you get stocked up, focus on creating your own supply chain, and as a bonus, get prepped for a water emergency as well! Get a $119 value for only $59!

You’ll get a 12-week interactive course, 3 full-length PDF cookbooks, and a water-preparedness webinar not available for sale anywhere else.

The Pantry Bundle Plus Includes: 


Build a Better Pantry on a Budget – This 12 week, interactive course will help you build a healthy, balanced food pantry using your current grocery budget to fund it! PLUS: New bonus lesson “Prepping and Supply Chain Shortages”


  • The Stockpile Café – Learn to make delicious meals with shelf-stable foods!
  • The Seasonal Kitchen Companion – Cook and preserve 20 different foods while they’re fresh and local!
  • The Flat-Broke Cookbook  Make tasty meals your family will love on a rock bottom budget!

AND, for a Limited Time Only: 

EXCLUSIVE 40-minute webinar: Your 4-Layer Water Preparedness Plan

BONUS: Stocking Up During Supply Chain Challenges





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