The Prepper’s Yearbook

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By Erica Nygaard

Prepping doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to empty the kids’ college funds. It doesn’t have to take every waking moment after work until bedtime.

You just have to know how to break things down.

Here’s one of the best books around for doing just that. It’s called The Prepper’s Yearbook. It’s by blogger Erica Nygaard. She is another single mom who lives in rural Iowa. She works full time, raises her kids, lives on a super-strict budget, and still finds the time and the money to be well-prepared.

And in her book, she explains exactly how she does it. She gives you all her secrets for getting stuff done. And better yet, she breaks it down in a way that isn’t the least bit overwhelming.

All you have to do is five tasks per month. Many of them won’t cost you a penny, while others are expenses that you are breaking down throughout the year. Sure, you won’t be set all at once, but you also won’t have to go broke or work your fingers to the bone. Win-win.

You can start anywhere you want in the 83-page book (there’s still time to get those 5 tasks for this month complete, you know!). Each month, you will check off the things you need to do, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment every time you do. The tasks are simple and budget-friendly, and they’ll help you to prepare for emergencies large and small.

The book comes in downloadable and printable PDF format. Print it out and write all over the pages, then next year, print it out and do it all over again.

Take the overwhelm out of prepping and support a preparedness blogger.

83 pages

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