The Stockpile Cafe

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by Daisy Luther

What would you do if you had to eat from your pantry for a month with no fresh ingredients? You’d grab your handy copy of The Stockpile Cafe! It’s got menus for 7 dinners per week, along with serving suggestions and a shopping list. There are some ideas for thrifty stockpile breakfasts and lunches, too.

The meals are mostly quick to make and nearly all can be translated to cooking over a fire or wood stove. You can make them as healthful and high quality as you want, depending on the quality of the ingredients you purchase. There are a few convenience items, some dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients, canned goods, and potato flakes.

Many of the meals have vegetarian alternatives. Because the focus is budget-friendly, there are grains at the center of most meals. So if you eat paleo or low carb, this may not be the book for you.

Most recipes feed 4 people and can be easily reduced or doubled (or tripled.) These are all creations that were tested by Daisy and her family at Casa de Luther.

You can Name Your Price for this product. We want everyone to be able to afford it, and if you want to help out The Organic Prepper website, a few extra dollars is greatly appreciated.

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