The ULTIMATE Survival Gear Handbook

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By Fabian Ommar

148 pages

What’s in YOUR bug-out bag and everyday carry kit? Survivalist author Fabian Ommar shares the contents of his kits, the gear he recommends, and explains his philosophy on how to pack them to make the most important items convenient to access when you’re on the move.

The real reason to have an emergency kit is to keep some level of mobility at all times. Being able to move around is the main pillar of survival. Survival and prepping are related but different.

The selection of gear you collect will help you to survive on the move for a determined period of time. In this book, Fabian shows you how to choose the best items for your situation, the order in which to pack them, and his advice for using your gear.

This is the ultimate guide to the kits that will keep you alive, whether you’re stranded in your car in bad weather or a catastrophic event occurs. Grab your copy and start packing your bag.

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