Three Miles: Prepper Fiction by Daisy Luther

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50 Pages

By Daisy Luther

When prepping and survivalism fan Max Martin gets the chance to attend a shipping summit in Athens, Greece with her co-workers, she jumps at the chance. She loads up a bug-out bag and sets out to visit one of the destinations on her bucket list on the company’s dime. As she explores the exotic sites during her dream trip, she notices that tension is brewing in the ancient city. Years of disastrous economic strife, government-enforced austerity, and a subculture of young people who believe that capitalism is the root of all their problems have combined to cause a seething bitterness.

When angry protestors march on public areas across the city, the Athenian police retaliate violently. The clash that erupts between the two groups causes an eruption of violence, arson, and rage across the city. Max and 5 of her coworkers find themselves stranded at a tourist attraction with no way back to the safety of their hotel. The American Embassy is only three miles away. How difficult could it be to walk three miles? Max uses all the urban survival skills she’s learned to navigate through the unrest in an unfamiliar city. They’re about to find out who they can trust when their dream vacation goes terribly wrong.

Reader Rating Information:

  • Mild Profanity
  • Violence
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
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