BLOOM Where You’re Planted

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by Daisy Luther

Do you want to get prepped but have things standing in your way?

Maybe you have a tiny apartment without much storage space.  Perhaps you live in a big city or in a suburban enclave ruled by an HOA. It could be that your budget is incredibly tight.

And maybe you’re just not sure what on earth it is that you need to be doing to get better prepared.

We can help you with our interactive course!

We’ll help you to identify your biggest risks, figure out your plan and your backup plan, and get prepared for whatever emergencies are the most likely to occur.

You can be better prepped tomorrow than you are today, regardless of your budget, just by thinking through these exercises and identifying your assets and available resources. This course will help you create a plan that will work for you, regardless of your personal circumstances. Here are the lessons included:

  • A Most-Likely Disasters Plan
  • A Networking Plan
  • A Special Needs Plan
  • A Water Plan
  • A Food Plan
  • A Storage Plan
  • A Power Outage Plan
  • A Cold-Weather Plan
  • A Hot-Weather Plan
  • A Hunker-Down Plan
  • A Bug-Out Plan
  • A Self-Reliance Plan

Each lesson contains a video, written content, and interactive worksheets that you can use on your device or print out to use the old-fashioned way.

Anyone, anywhere, can be better prepared with this course. Period.

Seriously – no matter what your budget is like or whether you live at the top of the Empire State Building (I don’t think people can really do that) together, we will create a plan that will get you as prepped as possible in your current situation!

BONUS: Get dozens of downloads and printables with the purchase of this course. The downloads alone are worth the price of the course!

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