The Learn EVERYTHING You Can Bundle

Original price was: $820.00.Current price is: $400.00.

Get 5 full-length courses and the new interactive Prepper’s Book of Lists for only $499.99

Most people feel it in their bones that we’re looking at chaos ahead. War, violence, shortages, hunger, rationing, inflation, collapse..times are hard and they’re probably going to get harder before things get better.

Now is the time to invest in knowledge, so we’ve put together an incredible bundle with all of our full-length courses:

  • Selco: One Year in Hell
  • Selco: SHTF Survival Bootcamp
  • Cat: Herbal Skills Intensive
  • Daisy: Build a Better Pantry on a Budget
  • Daisy: Bloom Where You’re Planted

These classes purchased separately would be over $800 but this weekend only, we’re offering them ALL to you for a combined price of $499.99

Oh – and there’s a bonus. You get the interactive Prepper’s Book of Lists for free with your purchase so you can get organized and prepared for whatever may come.

Knowledge is everything right now and spending your time learning instead of worrying is far more productive. Grab your bundle ASAP because the sale ends Sunday at midnight.

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