Cookbook Bundle


Want to get all of our cookbooks in one awesome bundle?

We’ve got you covered with these PDF cookbooks by Daisy Luther.

The Stockpile Café

What would you do if you had to eat from your pantry for a month with no fresh ingredients? You’d grab your handy copy of The Stockpile Café! It’s got menus for 7 dinners per week, along with serving suggestions and a shopping list. There are some ideas for thrifty stockpile breakfasts and lunches, too.

The Seasonal Kitchen Companion

During the time of peas and asparagus, all the way through until pumpkins are piled on your front porch, you can munch your way through all the good things coming to harvest. And not only that – you put some of it back for winter, too. Through freezing, dehydrating, and canning, you can get your fruits and veggies all year round from the summer farmer’s market.

The Flat-Broke Cookbook 

The Flat Broke Cookbook is about shopping for food with limited funds and still feeding your family tasty and nutritious meals. It assumes you have a bit of money to spend, but not a lot. A lack of money doesn’t mean you don’t still need to eat. Make your cheap meals tasty with this book.



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