How to Feed Your Family No Matter What

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By The Organic Prepper staff

527 pages

Having something to eat isn’t guaranteed.

We’re facing threats to our food supply from many different angles:  supply chain breakdowns, drought, food facilities being ravaged by fires, skyrocketing inflation, and outright shortages. No longer can we live in the comfort of unthreatened abundance. We’re learning exactly how delicate the system really is.

Prepping and putting back supplies is incredibly important but what we’re seeing now goes beyond that. You have to be able to produce and acquire more food. You have to be able to put back your harvests to eat during the winter. You have to be able to prepare items that once were as convenient as popping open a can or little plastic container.

You need our Organic Prepper anthology with ALL of our content about food. You’ll get more than 500 pages of content that are all about food when you can’t just go to the store and buy whatever you want.

Here’s what the PDF book includes:

Producing Food:

This section of the book contains content on gardening, hydroponics, keeping chickens and quail, and producing your own food in a variety of settings.

Acquiring food:

This section is a look at methods of food acquisition including foraging, hunting, fishing, and more.

Preserving food:

If food is difficult to come by, preserving it will be more important than ever. This section contains a variety of methods that have been covered on the website, including canning, drying, and curing.

Preparing food

This section contains instructions for self-reliant prepper foods, off-grid cooking strategies, and other tasty things.

Get prepared to feed your family no matter what the future brings!

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