Good Citizens

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  • 44 pages
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Daisy Luther’s unsettling new work of short fiction takes you into a near-future world that seems all too likely.

When the American banking system collapsed, a new federal digital currency was quickly rolled out to save the country. But soon, it became all too clear that what had felt like a rescue was actually a hostage situation – one that affected every American.

In a world of strict digital control, algorithms, new rules, and a mandatory app called Good Citizen, was it possible to reclaim your personal freedom? How did our nation fall so far, so fast, into technocratic authoritarianism?

Camille Willis records her observations in a journal as a warning for ensuing generations. She answers the question that future historians are bound to ask. “How did Americans go from being the free-est country on earth to this dark place?”

This cautionary tale will make you feel uncomfortable about the path our country is on. Maybe it’s not too late to change course.

Beta readers called it “unsettling” and said it left them “chilled.” Praised for its realism, this story shows us one way that the nation we love could fall. It’s a quick, 44-page read that will leave you staggered by the possibilities when technology is used as a tool for subjugation.

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