In Case of Emergency: Printable Disaster Pack

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If disaster strikes, you want fast, succinct information. You don’t have time to go read an entire article or search on the internet for what to do in order to survive.

That’s why I created these printable information sheets. Make as many copies as you want and post them where your family members will see them if they need the information. Put them in your emergency binder. Laminate them and keep them with your preparedness supplies.

In this packet, get fast, simple instructions for disasters. Learn what to do in case of these emergencies:

  • Tornados
  • Earthquakes
  • Wildfires
  • Nuclear Events
  • Post-Disaster Safety

Each page contains concise instructions for best practices and warnings about dangers you may not have considered at the moment. If you can’t be home when the emergency occurs, with these sheets, the people you love – even if they aren’t preppersĀ  – will be better able to figure out what to do.

You’ll get five high-quality PDF print-ready pages to use however you’d like.

Grab your pack today!

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