Home Inventory Printable


If your home ever falls victim to a disaster, a home inventory list will help you when it comes time to file the insurance claim. It’s a good idea to store this inventory in the cloud or away from the premises you are inventorying.

Having an inventory ahead of time is far easier than trying to create one from memory.

We’ve made it easy with this 25-page inventory printable with prompts and guidance to help you remember everything.

Go through each room of the house with the template and document your possessions.  Back this up with photographs and receipts whenever possible.

Use the additional worksheets for detailed inventories of things like food, books, and clothing. Print as many copies as you need.

NOTE: There are TWO downloads – be sure to save both to your computer to get all the prompts.

Be detailed and document everything. One day you may be glad you did!

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