The 2024 Organic Prepper USB Archive

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2021 was the year that we were hit from every direction by people who want us silenced. We were deemed a “disinformation website” early in the summer and dropped by our advertising network. Since that happened we have worked tirelessly to keep the website going, producing books, courses, and webinars.

Even in 2022 the threat of censorship still looms over our heads. New laws are made on almost a daily basis that could one day subject us to legally sanctioned censorship. We’ve had our main site taken offline by a hack.  We’ve been threatened. We’ve been attacked in various ways with frozen accounts, banking difficulties, and other inconveniences.

All for the “crime” of helping readers think critically by seeing different perspectives on current events, while we’ve helped people learn to be more self-reliant in the face of potential food shortages. Our readers will not have to rely on anyone to save them.

And we’re not done yet, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But all our work could disappear.

We’re living in a Brave New World in which we can be silenced at any point in time. Ten years of our work could potentially disappear at the click of a mouse. If you’d asked me before 2021 whether that would be possible, I’d scoff and say, “Not any time soon!”

But if you asked me that today, I’d tell you something entirely different. I’d tell you that it’s definitely of concern. And not only is that a risk, but the fragility of our infrastructure means that everything on the internet could one day just vanish, whether deliberately nor not.

I really do hope that I’m overreacting, but in a staff meeting we discussed how to mitigate this possibility, and we came up with a solution.

We put our entire archive on a 32GB USB.

We had 4 people work tirelessly to assemble a digital archive of everything published on The Organic Prepper. And we’ve repeated the process for 2024!

We’re talking about more than 3000 articles, illustrations, and footnotes in case you want to dig deeper into our sources. It’s a goldmine of information. It will be searchable by topic, keyword, author, and year. It works in any device that accepts USBs, so all you’d need is a tablet of some sort and a solar charger to be able to access everything from the website in the future.

The USBs will be shipped immediately and in February you will receive a digital download to add to your USB with 2024’s content. The USB includes directions for printing individual articles you may want to keep a hard copy of for your binder. Tracking is included on all US orders.

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We can’t wait to get all of this information safely in your hands. You just never know when we’ll be silenced forever.

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