Prepper’s 10 Book Bundle

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By Multiple Authors

Get this ten-book bundle of prepper PDFs for your library today. The bundle includes:

The Bug-Out Book by Daisy Luther

Are you prepared to evacuate quickly if the need arises? This guide will help you make a plan before a disaster occurs, take action before everyone else panics, and then clean up and start over once the event is over.

The Blackout Book by Daisy Luther

What’s the most common event most of us have to deal with, at least on a short-term basis? Power outages! Here’s how to handle it like a boss!

The Prepper’s Yearbook by Erica Nygaard

Prepping doesn’t have to be overwhelming or make you go broke. Here’s how to break it down into five, budget-friendly tasks per month!

The Ultimate Survival Gear Handbook by Fabian Ommar

What’s in YOUR bug-out bag and everyday carry kit? Survivalist Fabian Ommar shares the contents of his kits, recommended gear, and how to pack your own kits.

SHTF Survival Stories, Volume 1 by Selco Begovic

These are some of Selco’s personal stories and observations from the Balkan War in the 1990s.

SHTF Survival Stories, Volume 2 by Selco Begovic

Get even more of Selco’s stories and observations from the year he lived in a city under siege.

The Hurricane Survival Guide by Daisy Luther

There’s nothing like the wrath of Mother Nature to wake a few more people up to the need to be prepared. This book has a hundred pages of information about preparing for a hurricane. Not only is it loaded with solid preparedness advice, but it’s also peppered with personal stories from preppers who have been surviving hurricanes for decades

The Stockpile Café by Daisy Luther

What would you do if you had to eat from your pantry for a month with no fresh ingredients? You’d grab your handy copy of The Stockpile Café! It’s got menus for 7 dinners per week, along with serving suggestions and a shopping list. There are some ideas for thrifty stockpile breakfasts and lunches, too.

Bug Out Boot Camp by Lisa Egan

Are you fit enough to survive? This book walks you through getting in better shape, prepper style, no matter what your situation. Be ready to bug out and survive!

The Dirty Truth About How to Start Homesteading  by Erica Nygaard

Check out this PDF guide to the dirty truth about starting to homestead – it’s a real-deal guide to food production for anyone, anywhere.

These books will help you get prepared and organized no matter where you live or what your financial situation is like.

Keep them on a device or print them out and write notes on them – the choice is yours!



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