The NEW Interactive Prepper’s Book of Lists

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By Daisy Luther

This PDF book is jam-packed with more than 40 lists to help you get organized and ready for anything. And it’s been redone in an interactive format to be even MORE useful than our original book of lists.

We’ve revamped The Prepper’s Book of Lists to make it even more useful than it was before. It has a whole new design, and best of all, it’s interactive, so you can open it up and type in all your information, check off your boxes and use the book however you need to.

Use this book as a shopping list, a checklist, and an organizational tool. You can print it all out or only the pages you need. You can store it on your computer, on a USB, or in the cloud so you can access it anywhere, any time. (Wherever you store this deeply personal information, please encrypt it or protect it with a password. If you prefer old school, print it out and put it in a looseleaf binder. (It’s designed with space for the binder clip holes.)

Here are some of the things included.

  • General supply lists that every prepper needs
  • Food checklists
  • Medical supply lists
  • Lists for specific emergencies like hunkering down, nuclear disasters, vehicle emergency kits, or civil unrest
  • Action checklists to prep for evacuations, home inventory, pantry inventory, and prepper skills
  • Personal information packets for each family member with health info, important documents, legal documents, important phone numbers, accounts, and property deeds.

Grab your Prepper’s Book of Lists today and get more organized than you ever imagined you’d be!

8o pages

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