The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications

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Overwhelmed by Ham Radio?

Every prepper knows that ham radio is an important part of surviving the aftermath of a disaster. Communications are essential to coordinate meet-ups, adapt plans, and learn more about the situation that’s going on. With the things that are going on in the world right now, emergency communication could soon be more important than ever.

But what with the testing, licensing, and all the equipment to choose from, it can seem downright overwhelming.

We’ve got you covered with our new book, The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communication: A Simplified Guide to Ham Radio. Aden Tate has made the entire process so much easier – and no, you don’t need a degree in physics or electrical engineering to get set up. His adorable illustrations, witty wordplay, and clear, concise explanations make this book a friendly, educational read.

What’s in the book?

Here’s what the 151-page book includes:

  • Introduction
  • Why Post-Disaster Comms?
  • The Physics Behind Ham Radio
  • Watt’s That
  • Don’t Hit Me with That. It Megahertz.
  • I Liked That Band Before It Was Cool
  • Wavelength
  • Volt Aw Yoo Talking About
  • Penalty. Interference.
  • Resonance
  • Standing Wave Ratio
  • Propagation
  • Ground Wave Propagation
  • Surface Waves
  • Direct Waves
  • Reflected Waves
  • Sky Wave Propagation
  • The Skip Zone
  • The Radio Frequency Spectrum
  • What is High Frequency (HF)?
  • Very High Frequency (VHF)
  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)
  • What is FRS?
  • What is GMRS?
  • MURS
  • What are the Different Types of Stations?
  • Handheld
  • Portable Stations
  • Mobile Stations
  • Base Stations
  • The Prepper and CB Radio
  • The Prepper and Software Defined Radio
  • Field Telephones
  • Digital vs Analog
  • Improving Your Disaster Resilience by Getting Others Involved in Ham Radio
  • The Logistics of Emergency Ham Radio
  • The Radio Book
  • The Radio Binder
  • How to Know Which Radio to Pick?
  • Keeping Your Transmissions Secure
  • Why Morse Code?
  • How to Triangulate a Signal
  • The Prepper and Antennas
  • Anonymous Antennas
  • More Info on Directional Antennas
  • Making or Choosing an Antenna
  • How to Make a Field Expedient Antenna
  • How to Repair a Broken Antenna
  • Using Your Radio on the Move
  • How to Keep Your Radios Running Off the Grid
  • Adding a Radio to Your BOB
  • Vehicular Radio Kit
  • Radio Fieldcraft
  • What Intelligence Reports Look Like
  • What To Do if Bad Guys Come
  • Evasion
  • The LRSU BOB
  • The Alternate Operations Base
  • Operations Consideration
  • How Different Environments Will Affect Your Radio Transmissions
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • The Underground Church and Radio
  • Gray Man Radio for EDC
  • Defeating Censorship
  • EMP Radio Protection
  • Radio Games
  • NOAA Weather Broadcast Frequencies
  • Shortwave Broadcasts of Interest to the Prepper
  • International Shortwave News Broadcasts
  • Morse Code
  • Morse Code Abbreviations and Radio Abbreviations
  • International Phonetic Alphabet

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When disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you did when you’re communicating with your loved ones despite cell phone outages and great distances.


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