The Blackout Book

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By Daisy Luther

What’s the most common event most of us have to deal with, at least on a short-term basis? Power outages! Not only do they happen alone, but an extended blackout often follows many other major disasters.

Whether it’s caused by high winds, ice on the power lines, an earthquake, a hurricane, or a car accident, a power outage has the potential to be uncomfortable and inconvenient in the best case. During extreme situations or for those with serious health conditions, a blackout can even be deadly.

You don’t need to be a “Doomsday Prepper” to get ready for a blackout. This event is such a regular one that it is only common sense to get prepared for it. I’ve written dozens of articles about the different facets of power outages and covered all sorts of topics:

  • Why everyone should get prepped for a two-week power outage
  • What to drink if the water isn’t running
  • What to eat (and how to cook) when the power is out
  • Sanitation when the toilet won’t flush
  • How to stay occupied (and keep the kiddos entertained)
  • Dealing with hot weather or cold weather power outages
  • How to prep for special needs like family members with medical conditions, pets, babies, etc.
  • What to keep in your home medical kit
  • Where to put all this stuff
  • What to do if you waited until the very last minute to get supplies

It was so much information that I decided to put it all together into one friendly, approachable PDF book. It’s a true quick-start guide to handling a power outage like a boss and it will be helpful to both beginners and those with a bit more experience.

71 pages

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